Is Lies And 2016 Primary Election

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Graduation Project First Draft
Milo Norlin
AP Literature- Cary Matthews
Lies and the 2016 Primary Election
In recent presidential elections, exaggerations and lies have become normal even while access to truthful information is increasing through the internet. Fact checking these lies has become a standalone section of the news industry, and there are several websites and organizations devoted to simply going through and researching the validity of candidates’ statements. However, even though these organizations have been created and their findings have been publicized broadly, cross-party and blanketing exaggerations have continued from every candidate’s campaign in the 2016 primary election. This trend should be worrying for voters who want political integrity and honesty, because when lying becomes a primary campaign tactic, the candidates who get elected are unreliable.
Donald Trump
Donald J. Trump entered the Republican primary race on June 16, 2015. From the outset it became clear that his race would be based not on facts or statistics, but evolving principles and intangible ideas., a project of the Tampa Bay Times and one of the several news organizations who fact-check political rhetoric, has found a broad pattern about Trump’s campaign. Out of 125 statements they factchecked, 95 or 76 percent of these statements were rated mostly false, false, or “pants-on-fire.” (Politifact, "Donald Trump 's File") In his campaign announcement speech, Trump…
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