Is Lloyd George the Founding Father of Welfare State?

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"Lloyd George real founding father Welfare State?" Introduction Many have said over the years that Lloyd George was 'the most famous Welshman ever born in Manchester', on the other hand it was David Lloyd George's Welshness that got his career going in a direction geared toward politics and Social welfare. George before his career in welfare was known to be very established as one of the most influential British politicians of the modern period, second only maybe to Winston Churchill. During the course of the 1920s Lloyd George sort of kept his head in the politics arena for a while. Next he got involved with the Liberal welfare reforms (1906 1914 (Fair, 2204) were acts of social lawmaking had been passed by the British Liberal Party somewhere after the 1906 General Election. Many experts have been arguing the point in regards to legislation and how is displays the emergence of the modern welfare state in the United Kingdom (Creiger, 2006). Eventually, they removed their viewpoint from a laissez-faire organization to a more communist method (Jones, 2001). The improvements prove the split that had arose inside liberalism, amid contemporary liberalism and classical liberalism, and then a change in course for the Liberal Party from liberalism, in overall, to a gathering of modern liberalism and superior, livelier government. Social Reform It can be contended that Lloyd George was clearly responsible for the welfare system. Lloyd George made a huge influence to the
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