Is Loki Of The Most Dominant Characteristics Of An Entire World?

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One of the most dominant characteristics in any villain is a craving for destruction, whether it is the annihilation of a specific hero or of an entire world. Occasionally, however, the heel possesses a quality that contradicts this nefarious tendency. Rarely does a story include an evildoer whose actions end up benefitting those around him. This “doer of good and... doer of evil” (“Far Away and Long Ago” 1) is Loki of Norse mythology. While some of Loki’s actions qualify as heinous, many of those who read of his misgivings are too quick to criticize the undervalued deity. This harsh judgment has spun into a popular culture that paints a misconstrued image of Loki in film. Although interpreted by modern media as inherently evil, the Norse god Loki is simply a misunderstood mischief-maker who helps on his own accord, corrects his misdeeds, and ultimately causes the dawn of modern man.
Before digging into his misdeeds, noting Loki’s pure benevolence is essential. Atop a mountain, the gods built the city Asgard, “a great City… that the Giants could never overthrow” (Colum 6). As they built their great city, the gods were approached by a giant. Although the giant could not help build the halls or palaces of Asgard, “[he could] build great walls that [could] never be overthrown” (7), and so the gods took the giant’s offer. Of course, however, this favor would not be performed without reward. Odin, the Father of the Gods, asks the giant what payment he desires, believing

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