Is Lord Of The Flies A Good Or Evil Essay

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People are not essentially good or evil, where they come from, how they were brought up, the things they have experienced and seen, will most likely determine whether that person is good or evil. However, certain situations can change that person's learned good or evil, this is called situationally created good/evil. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, the children have been raised through what society would call a good environment. When the children are left on their own with no adult supervision, we see dramatic changes in the children when they have to create their own form of savagery to survive. However, this goes sourly wrong when some of the children get caught up in their desperate situation and start to perceive things on how…show more content…
For example, when Jack asks people to go to his group of savages everyone goes, but not before Ralph puts up a fight saying, “I'm Chief! You voted for me, {and} you'll have no {shelter} for the rain.”(Ralph 150) This shows Ralphs civil mind and maturity keeping him from succumbing to situational evil and a sort of mob mentality. Ralph along with Piggy have maintained their learned good and maturity over the rest of the children influenced by savagery, brute protection, and raw power. These boys who were once “good” and with Ralph have now transformed into primitive beasts capable of the most evil monstrosities possible, murder. Piggy is soon killed in one of the most gruesome deaths there is and has is brains laid out on a rock, clearly a horrific sight, however as soon as that happens Jack screams, “See? See? Thats what youll get!” (Jack 181) Suddenly, the other boys start screaming as well. You would think the boys that were once good just days before couldn't possibly be cheering and screaming along with this murder, but situationally created evil grabs hold of them tightly and throws all previous good out the window. This is because in that situation it is easier to follow the “evil mob mentality” than to stick up and do what the children have learned is
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