Is Love Worth The Haste In Romeo And Juliet

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Is Love Worth the Haste? The world moves so briskly, but the urgency in people’s decisions lead to ghastly consequences. One could say hasty decisions have become the downfall of today’s world. This is shown in The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet, where two star-crossed lovers are forced to keep their love a secret from their families who have been in a lengthy dispute. While trying to hide their love from their family, they chose to marry in secret but never have the chance to live together. The families reconciled in spite of the tragedy experienced from both sides at the end. Friar Laurence said, “Wisely and slow, they stumble who run fast.”(2.3.94) He is explaining how hasty decision making can lead to downfall. Shakespeare shows the audience that making hasty decisions leads to dire consequences through Juliet’s decision to marry Romeo, Juliet’s choice to drink the potion given to her by Friar Laurence, and Juliet’s decision to kill herself with Romeo’s poniard. Juliet’s rash decision to marry Romeo was irrational; she has just met Romeo and this decision only results in the sacrifice of their lives as they knew them. As Romeo and Juliet talk on Juliet’s balcony, Juliet tells Romeo, “Thy purpose marriage send me word tomorrow By one that I’ll procure to come to thee where and what time thou wilt perform the rite-” (2.2.144-146). When Juliet commits to marrying, Romeo neither one of them knew the consequences that would follow. Their lives could not stay the same if they

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