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Is Lying Acceptable? There is one thing that has made both good and bad things happen to us all. This “one thing” makes people question their own heart. This “one thing” is lying.
Everybody has lied once in their lives but, many people wonder if lying could be justified under some circumstances. This question makes many question their own sense of morality and makes them wonder if the state of their conscience is in the right. Lying is sometimes justified when the motives of the person/people involved are socially acceptable or morally right. Lying is a common thing that could actually help people if done with the correct motives under certain circumstances. In fact, “not only is lying justified, it is sometimes a moral duty” (It’s true Americans Conflicted
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(This is only the case if you say these lies under the right circumstances with the right motives) An example of this is a woman named Teresa Velin, a mother in Palm Desert, California. “Velin did not want to get up and get dressed in the heat to go to a movie date she had planned with her friend so she said she was busy.” (It’s true Americans Conflicted about Lying, Paragraph 6) From this we can tell that lying could actually help us in our everyday lives making us less irritable giving us the precious down time that we all enjoy. It also shows that lies could help us protect people and not hurt their feelings. If Velin would have told her friend the truth she probably would have hurt her feelings and damaged their relationship , but since she lied she was still able to maintain that nice relationship without jeopardizing it in any way whatsoever. This information shows that lying can help everybody out by making you less stressful and protecting the people you love. Some people don’t agree with this. Let’s see what they think about this sensitive
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