Is Macbeth A Hero

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Here I stand today, before a nation, before beloved brothers and sisters, friends and family, Thanes and Generals, in mourning and anguish for the passing of its King. Not only will Macbeth be known as a dauntless soldier far worthy of any heroics, he had endured till the very end with strong inimitable and individual pride towards his cause and his country. Macbeth was able to firmly grasp his morals and ethics that shaped him in everyday life. A truly gentle heart, that Scotland has annihilated and perished, but shall always be remembered and cherished, not forgotten and shamed upon.
Any soldier can be chosen to lead but a few can lead and display courage; Macbeth was the rare few. He had seized all opportunities in the bleakest of times to gain the upper hand. He would set an admirable and worthy example to his fellow soldiers, who gave him the name “valour’s minion”, suggesting that Macbeth is the servant of bravery itself. Duncan had recognised this and Macbeth’s skills and honoured him as a “valiant cousin” worthy of recognition for his excellence. With this Macbeth regularly led his nation into battle as Duncan’s stead. He had defeated with tremendous might,
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Macbeth was a strong-willed man who thought about decisions with great thought, rarely acting upon a decision he had not yet considered copiously. On numerous occasions as a guest of Macbeth at his highly anticipated social gatherings, I would often encounter him wandering through his castle’s corridors, repeatedly lost in earnest contemplation and comprehending his proactive life. This made him realise that life should be taken for granted, it's delicate and short-lived, tagging it “a walking shadow”. Despite this dreary attitude, he would always lay out the consequences set out before him. Although this virtue did not permanently provide him with pleasure he desired, Macbeth would consider his actions, even in the direst of
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