Is Madeleine Clemens A?

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My subjects name is Madeleine Clemens, a 20-year-old sophomore that is currently a business major with a concentration in Marketing at Towson University. The purpose of this in-depth interview was to discover what actually motivated Madeleine to pursue studies abroad and the deep emotions behind the entire decision and the experience that came from it.

Always wanting to travel the world, Madeleine felt the need to seize the opportunity of studying abroad when the information about this topic became available to her during a class presentation by an affiliate of the study abroad office at Towson University. Madeleine never thought that she would’ve been the type of person to study abroad due to the fact that she has never ventured out by herself, let alone, traveled outside the United States before. Learning that her friend was also interested in studying abroad, Madeleine looked into this opportunity to gain more knowledge about the topic. She had the preconception that traveling to a different country to study was a very expensive excursion to the average student. In addition to Madeleine thinking that she couldn’t pay for the trip, she also thought that the desired courses that she wanted to take abroad would not be equivalent to Towson University’s courses needed towards graduation. Instead of taking out another loan to study abroad, Madeleine was able to increase the amount of her current loans by a few thousand of dollars. Also, her parents contributed to the…
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