Is Mainstreaming A Common Belief?

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A common belief among all is the simple fact that all humans deserve to be loved and respected by their peers. School can be tough for students in all grades due to the pressures of growing up, receiving good grades, having a social life, and the hope of being accepted among the peers there surrounded by more than their families. With that being said it can be even harder for kids with special needs to feel a sense of belonging. Why, because they are smart like anyone else and can sense the fact there different from the rest. While this is hard for them it is not the biggest struggle, the biggest struggle is the fact there excluded from there peers often secluded from their peers in different classrooms. There 's also the kids who chose to…show more content…
Another goal supporters hope mainstreaming achieves is giving the student a sense of belonging mainstreaming can bring for the student. Mainstreaming can give a student the feeling of being comfortable in the classroom, another mom noted her sons feeling,
‘Do children and adults with mental retardation and physical disabilities benefit from being placed together in segregated facilities outside their communities?’ The answer is ‘No, they do not’. Overwhelming evidence shows that people with severe disabilities do not thrive in isolated programs and settings. They achieve less, and more important, they suffer from the loneliness and lack of choice imposed upon them. (Connor, Ferrie p. 66)
For many years special education children have segregated in their own learning facilities with their aid and other special education children. However, in the last decade do too the increasing benefits noted that special education students receive from mainstreaming it has caused an increase in schools partaking.
With the main focus of mianstreaming placed on the special education students it 's easy to lose the importance of the children in the classroom without special needs. Furthermore, it is crucial to note how mainstreaming can impact these students. With special needs children secluded other children fail to learn the ability of how to correctly communicate with them. When students are not exposed to special needs students it causes what many notice as
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