Is Man of Steel True to the Superman Legacy? Essay

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How close does Man of Steel fly towards the Superman legacy, and are its changes for the better or for the worse? Many fundamentalist fanatics have mixed feelings amongst Man of Steel, and are critiquing director, Zack Snyder, due to the vast range in which the concept of the movie is from the origins of Superman. Some fanatics question if the Snyder fully understands the origins of Superman due to the far fetch theory of the film opposed to the comics. The disappointment has left mixed feelings amongst the audience. Some express that the twists were a nice addition to the films; while others feel as if the story should stay the same. The film goes off on a complete tangent from the origins of Superman. Zack Snyder has made voluminous…show more content…
Granted he does save multiple lives in the film and does anything in his power to save Earth. However, that is not the focus rather I am focusing upon the combat scenes, and particularly the final fight scene between Superman and General Zod. Together they ravished nearly all of the buildings and streets confined within Metropolis. This is opposing the original comics, in which Superman used every ounce of his powers to locate the battle within an area where the least amount of innocent people would be injured. Opposed to that in Man of Steel Superman fights wherever the battle starts. He seems to have no remorse for the citizens in Man of Steel unlike in the original comics where the safety of the citizens of planet Earth is his top priority. Some people might say that the final battle was considerably similar to the comics, however they are forgetting the biggest problem that in which got all of the fanatics furious while watching the film. This problem was within the final battle between General Zod and Superman. The beginning of the battle was predictable with its back-and-forth fighting between the two, however the action that ended it all was indeed the action in which is the most controversial in the film. As General Zod was threaten to murder a mortal family with the use of his brutal heat vision. Superman slithered behind General Zod and put him into a headlock and twisted his neck with all his might, for he was
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