Is Management An Art Or Science?

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Loui Vuitton, Dior and Burberry appear to be the top Fashion Brands in the world in Wonderlist (2015). Without the combination of both art and science those brands would not be the successful brands they are today. This also applies to change management as, it also needs both art and science. The Oxford Dictionary (2015) defines art as, ‘…human creativity and social life… a skill at doing a specified thing…’ That suggest that in management, art is the creation of new ideas and the involvement for everyone to have their opinion heard. The Oxford Dictionary (2015) defines science as, ‘ The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation…show more content…
This role comes with the responsibilities to be able to know everything that is going on and manage how things are done to ensure for the best outcomes. Management is a combination of ideas, tactics, being creative and meeting deadlines. In order to be an effective manager you have to ensure that everyone in the organisation is happy with the ideas and that they also have a voice and contribution to new things. One of the main things that a manager needs to be effective is to be creative. The creation of new ideas appears to be a very important quality to have in order to be fresh (Adler, 2015). So often conflict starts in an organisation if the manager does not communicate enough with their employees. A way in which that is resolved is by keeping everyone up-to-date and involved in all that they need to know and it to make sure everyone has a say and a chance to share their ideas. It seems that a problem that occurs a lot is that the scientists are always so close to what is happening whereas the artist likes to take a step back and look at the overall picture to see what could be improved or changed. Perfection is what the artist looks for and to accomplish that it involves hard work and time (Puu, 2015). The scientist is the person who always makes sure that deadlines are met and that everyone is kept on the right track, including the artist. It is found that the artist sometimes goes of on
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