Is Management More Important Than Leadership in Today's Raaf

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AN ESSAY ON THE QUESTION ‘IS MANAGEMENT MORE IMPORTANT THAN LEADERSHIP IN TODAY 'S RAAF? ' by Flight Lieutenant P.J. Noake, BA It is the responsibility of the commander and the officers in the unit to provide the overall direction and to facilitate the motivation needed to move subordinates and peers in the organisation to the accomplishment of the mission. Colonel Mark Chapin, USAF.1 INTRODUCTION 1. In the pursuit of their objectives, all organisations rely on the efficiency and effectiveness of several kinds of resources. Some organisations emphasise their financial resources, others rely on the sophistication and might of their hardware and technology, while others depend heavily on the quality of their workforce and employees.2…show more content…
Managers are appointed. They have legitimate powers, and their ability to influence is founded on the formal authority inherent in their positions.13 9. Writers, speakers and consultants alike have thoroughly analysed the difference between leadership and management. Some think of leadership as being associated with the role of a manager, noting that the leading aspect of management involves possessing and exercising those traits and behaviors that are associated with leadership towards the achievement of organisational goals. However, some suggest that leading and managing involve separate and distinct behaviors and activities. Dr James N. Farr teaches his clients to manage things, but lead people. He teaches to manage financial ratios, inventory, processes and information; and lead people, their perceptions, mindset and motivation.14 Farr 's teachings however, support the view that management and leadership go hand in hand. Through effectively leading and motivating people, a manager will be able to more effectively manage processes and information which relies on human factors.15 10. It should be noted that a manager might not necessarily be a group 's leader. While a group 's manager performs planning, organising and controlling activities, the real leader may actually be one of the subordinates. Similarly, a group 's head may be a great leader, but others in the group may perform the management functions of planning, organising and controlling processes.16 Thus,

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