Is Manufacturing It the New ERP for the Shop Floor?

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Often bemoaned for the great difficulty in explaining what it entails, MES is making a comeback of sorts rebranded under the moniker of ‘Manufacturing IT’. Logically grouping ERP, office IT operations & infrastructure under the ‘Admin IT’ banner & cobbling together an alliance with the rapidly evolving shop floor automation, integration & intelligence IT applications, this brand stimulus could perhaps be the jolt that MES badly needed after years of dreadful neglect in corporate boardrooms. Fortuitous circumstances have dealt it a superior hand too: robustness of the Industrial Ethernet from enterprise to the factory floor, user acceptance of OPC for exchanging industrial data, powerful industrial automation players enhancing their MES stakes, ease of web technology tools to enable real time decision making & lastly the dawning realization that ERP just cannot get its feet wet on the shop floor. Dare we now proclaim that it is finally time for MES to reclaim its rightful seat at the annual IT budget discussion table? With nary a harried glance at the shop floor when they set out to conquer the “Admin IT” market, the ERP slugfest left in its wake a veritable graveyard of small ERP’s & the MES vendors & system integrators…
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