Is Marxism Anti Democratic Essay

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Is Marxism anti-democratic?

In order to answer this question the parameters of the discussion must first be set, with key terms in the title defined. Marxism I define to be ‘an economic and socio-political worldview and method of socio-economic enquiry which focuses upon a materialist interpretation of history, a dialectical view of social change and an analysis and critique of capitalism. ‘ Democracy, I define to be an ‘egalitarian form of government in which sovereignty is vested in the people and exercised by them or elected agents.’ In the following essay I will present two opposing interpretations of Marxism, with both leading to wildly divergent conclusions regarding the democratic nature of Marxism. The first perspective
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Furthermore, constant emphasis on absolute equality is obviously an inherently democratic feature, and any philosophy that espouses this, one would assume to be democratic.

The following paragraph will focus on Marx and the society, once that state has been dissolved, with this again, providing evidence, which I believe, demonstrates Marxism to most certainly not be anti-democratic in theoretical terms. The abolition of the state was fundamentally important to Marxist philosophy with ‘no picture of Marx and Engels political ideas being complete that did not treat the political features of the future classless society.’ Marx as he ‘clearly never imagined human beings could live together like herds of animals without any conscious organization,’ sought to formulate a ‘public power,’ which performed ‘legitimate functions,’ as oppose to a ‘state,’ which was ‘merely a repressive organ of governmental power.’ Marx proposed a ‘public power,’ which differed from a state as it did not posses two crucial characteristics. Firstly, it would not be run and administered by professionals, and secondly and most importantly, it would possess no instruments of coercion. (Femia,1987) This I believe, to be fundamentally important to the essay title. This clearly demonstrates how different Marx’s original philosophy was from practical
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