Is Medicalization More Than Just A Mere Label?

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Medicalization is more than just a mere label. It always has effects. Oftentimes these effects are salubrious, more times they are sinister and occasionally they are reasonable. The problems occur when someone is medicalized and cannot obtain certain insurances, such as life, disability, long-term care or even in some cases health insurance. Also, a label may prevent someone from obtaining a license to drive heavy equipment. And remember the C Suite in Fortune 500 Companies is not populated by openly medicalized persons. Then there are the medications that are marketed for off-label purposes. Medicalization has done wonders for some patients especially when it comes to mental illnesses, the illness gets diagnosed as a medical problem and subsequently gets a DSM code for insurance billing purposes. However on the down side medicalization is recognizing almost too many human conditions as medial problems and is there any end to this.
The forces driving medicalization are 1) biotechnology which included the pharmaceutical industry and genetics, 2) managed care and 3) consumers. Galvanized in this way medicalization has become a powerful force in society. Our remit in this paper is to examine whether this is for the better or the worse.
The pharmaceutical industry has become the major player in medicalization. Every day we are bombarded with commercials on the TV advertising medications for sleep, depression, erectile dysfunction and so on. There are so many…

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