Is Medicine A Life Changing Doctor?

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Growing as a girl with a passion to impart my community positively and the world at large, I sought for a profession that is aimed towards my inner desire to best assist individuals in living comfortably, help individuals who are at risk and less capable of assisting themselves, to best reach this self actualization and fulfillment. In support my father got me my fist professional book “where there is no doctor”. With the high ranking of medicine and the value life showed to be, I believed medicine was that one profession that could save as well as impart individuals in their various societies and areas of priority ‘health’. Therefore I aspired to study medicine, become the life changing doctor, and assist as many as I can. Then came the tertiary institution where I obtained the opportunity to study public health, that satisfaction was not gained, I tried to place my mind in it to be able to divert my goals towards the area of study which didn’t prove effective. I had it in mind to change college due to a deficiency until a course mate mentioned Social work, I was totally ignorant of the course and all it entailed but felt this drive to try it, without the understanding of the course my first semester seemed weak, but as soon as orientation was properly delivered by practicing professionals and senior colleagues, I got the grasp of what social is and felt complete as every plan I had down for now and the future correlated with this profession. With proper study, involvement
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