Is Medicine Never Diminished?

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In junior year of high school, I made a bet with a friend that I could earn an A in an anatomy and physiology course. The vast amount of material, such as anatomical terms and physiological pathways, was like a foreign language to me. The difficulty of the challenge, and my unfamiliarity with the human body, captured my interest in a way that no subject had before. For the first time, I found myself studying late into the night because of my desire to learn more. Mastering the material turned into a passion, which made learning the information effortless. Reading large portions of the text, just once, was enough for me to have a clear understanding of the human body.

Earning an A in the class helped me build trust in my academic ability. A career in medicine, not only seemed possible, but was much more aligned with my interests and life goals. In college the challenge became more intense, but my motivation to learn about medicine never diminished. Medicine is what I am passionate about learning for the rest of my life.

However, seeing medicines real world application is a completely different experience. Shadowing Dr. Higginbotham, allowed me to witness a live surgery for the first time. The procedure was a spinal cord stimulator implantation surgery. Watching him slide electrical wires through the patient’s spinal cavity, as the patient remained partly conscious to give feedback, made me realize how advanced and amazing medicine is. This experience strengthened my
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