Is Melody Campbell's Poem Contribute To Our Everyday Life?

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No emotions were hidden, with tears unfolding from both Mr. and Mrs. Campbell’s eyes as they held their newborn close. Melody Campbell was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit and was given a ten percent chance of survival. Melody was born two months premature, and was given only one month to live. Even though her prospects were slim, she was a fighter and she persevered through the challenge, receiving discharge from the hospital on March 21, 1997. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell were able finally to bring their baby girl home. Though little did they know that their pride and joy grow up to be one of the few preeminent human beings in the world. Soft spoken with the kindest heart, wise way beyond her years, and gifted with a pure musical …show more content…

Melody is simply one of those few, with the knowledge of a thousand years. For someone who is only nineteen she speaks as if she were 900 years old, as an antique of some sort. Her explanation to a question can leave even the most critical person stunned, with undecipherable confusion. She exudes the knowledge of your average American history textbook, and recovers details and abstract thoughts from her brain with perfection. When a teacher asks, “how does the first amendment contribute to our everyday lives?” Melody automatically summons all the knowledge in her head correlating to the subject at hand. She tells vivid details of the Martin Luther King Speech, while comparing it to the civil rights era, making all of her ideas directly correlate to the present day. Her explanation leaves the whole class stunned, and makes the teacher analyze and try to decipher all of her main points. She is articulate and intelligent all in one. She makes even a ninety-year-old feel young and humbled towards her abundance of knowledge. It is a blessing to be even in the presence of such a beautiful soul like Melody. Admiration for her is placed on the highest pedestal and over the years she has brought nothing hope and faith to an obsessed fan’s life. She warms the heart of many with her love and kindness. In musical events she can leave the whole crowd in shock with her musical abilities, and can make any elder feel younger, because she is ancient. All the knowledge she has can encaptivate the most critical of thinkers. Melody is such a wonderful graceful soul it is no mystery why she is the favorite of

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