Is Milk Harmful Or Helpful For Humans?

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Milk: Not Only is it Good for your Bones, it may be Deadly Many believe that ingesting a certain amount of minerals and vitamins are an essential factor to living a long healthy life. It’s true, they are, without vitamins and minerals being a part of our daily intake people would eventually develop health conditions. That’s why as a young child you always heard your guardians hollar to drink your glass of milk so you can grow big and strong. A concerning issue arising is if milk if truly beneficial towards human health or hazardous. When it comes to the topic of obtaining all nutrients to live a healthy life majority of people will readily agree that this is true. Where this agreement usually comes to an end, however, is on the question of is milk harmful or helpful for humans? Whereas some are convinced that it is harmful and others maintain to the old myth that it’s beneficial. Although many people across the nation believe milk is constructive towards human health, due to all the nutrients contained in it consuming too much of it can lead to other health factors. Growing up majority of people adamantly thought that consuming a glass of milk with all meals was crucial towards their health. That not being the case anymore because so many health factors have been linked to consuming milk from cows. Through vigorous research many found out what these life-risking contributions are. PETA demonstrates that dairy products cause a plethora of diseases. They state,

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