Is Model Minority A Bane Or Benefit Essay

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Stella Xu 1 Is Model Minority a bane or benefit Model minority is a myth that prescribes the Asian-descent group as intelligent, diligent and family-oriented. Appraising the community as highly gifted in science and rich in financial base, the Whites appeal other races to learn from them. However, as a saying goes, “all is not gold that glitters.” The titles of “doctors” or “triumphant” are so enticing that may cover up the damages beneath it. The myth is indeed more of a bane than a benefit, especially when you consider the four influences it brings to the Asian minority: it integrates the group as a whole, evading people’s identity; it acts as a measurement and anyone who do not meet the expectations are labeled as failures; it puts quotas on both the education and the employment for Asian people, making them extremely difficult to get in good schools or get jobs with high salary, and finally it unfairly discriminates other minority races by implying they are lazy and stupid. Homogenised people conflict with identities The misunderstanding that Asian people are the same in terms of appearance, cultural background and academical interests consolidates the myth that all the Asian-descent people should be talented in specific field, therefore is ignorant to the fact that each of them is distinct and has contrasted identity. Asian Americans, commonly perceived by Whites, are all yellow skin, black
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