Is Modern Day Media Deceitful? Essay

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Modern day media is deceitful in a number of ways - stories about politicians can be easily fabricated, exaggerations about celebrities are all too common, and more often than not news reports are negative, fear-inducing stories. Perhaps the most deceiving of all is the sexual content that appears far too frequently. Sexual content in the media includes but is not limited to kissing, nudity, provocative clothing, sexual innuendos, suggestive language and of course any portrayal of the act of sexual intercourse itself. It is often shown to have no consequences, which can undoubtedly be misleading. Sexual content in the media - including television, movies, magazines, music, video games, advertisements - is detrimental to society and therefore should be more strictly regulated as it shapes the behavior and attitudes of both young men and women, influences our youth to engage in premarital sexual activity, and may be a leading cause of teen pregnancy.
Allowing sexual content to be shown in the media encourages adolescents to engage in premarital sexual activity. One way this happens is through The Social Cognitive Theory which claims that when an adolescent observes a similar aged group on television or in the media behaving a certain way with no repercussions, said adolescent assumes that it will turn out the same for them. Therefore, showing teenagers that casual sexual activity possesses no consequences when engaged, especially without protection, is harmful in every way.…