Is Mr Poe Sane Or Insane

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Mr. Poe, Insane or Sane Spontaneous versus premeditated, death versus murder, sane vs insane. Both the Prosecution and Defense have strong evidence to prove their case. It’s all completely debatable, and always will be, but I feel I have suitable evidence to prove Mr. Poe was sane. Based on the evidence given in The Tell-Tale Heart, Mr. Poe was perfectly sane at the time of Mr. White’s murder. In the third paragraph of The Tell-Tale Heart, he is boasting about how cleverly he planned the murder. He had a sort of scheme laid out in his head that he had constructed to make this murder discreet and successful, meaning that this murder was not spontaneous in any way. But, in the eleventh paragraph, it does say he got scared and jumped on the
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