Essay about Is NRMA the Best Car Insurance in Australia?

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NRMA Insurance presented the view as presenting themselves as the best car insurance
Through in-depth research and competitor analysis had lead to the discovery of what differentiates NRMA and it’s competitors. The result was that NRMA covered many car parts that their competitors didn’t and it became the main selling point of NRMA car insurance
- Audience: Australians with a car not knowing the difference between all the car insurance companies

Demonstrate your process in solving the problem
To design a concept car that include car parts that NRMA’s competitors didn’t
Instead of just telling the audience what parts were covered by NRMA it had be proposed to show them resulting in a new approach to build a fully functional
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According to the GDC how to write a case study should include six main points with given elaboration.
These points are:
1. Title the case study.
2. About you:
3. Client:
4. Objective:
5. Approach:
6. Outcome:
Title of case study – A name used to attract the audience
About you – Name and position titles of the people that had worked on the project
Client – A description of the client/company (no real set client description but company description was scattered between parts of the brief)
Objective –
What were the client’s requirements? and a project overview (brief should have provided more information on clients requirements overall budget? Time frame? Length of advertisement

Approach –
Explain how the clients design problem was addressed. Who was the intended audience?

Has the client provided a brief to base the design around?
What kind of research was done? (was it just a complete analysis of competitors? Where there any survey’s taken but the public?)

Where there an issues to overcome during the design process? (How was the overall result reached?)

Provide illustrations of the planning process from start to finish including, ideas, concepts, inspirations and the process.
Discusses working with the client and any ideas and conflicts when drawing up the design and how often was the brief drawn upon.
Outcome –
Showcase of the implantation of the final design
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