Is Natural Law the Best Approach to Abortion Essay

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Is Natural Law the best approach to abortion
Natural Law says that abortion is wrong because life is a valuable gift from God and therefore only he can take it away. A believer of the natural law would say that the unborn foetus should have the same status as a born human being because life starts at the moment of conception which means that no matter how long the foetus has been growing, abortion is murder. This point ties in with the right to life and other religious approaches. Under Natural Law, abortion is the stealing of innocent life - going against one of the Primary precepts. Abortion undermines the Primary precept which encourages society to reproduce and grown. All these objections come down to one point. Man's ultimate
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This approach is strong as it’s flexible; each situation can be measured using the Hedonic Calculus. The mother can reach a decision by herself, she becomes independent. But it also takes into account the fathers feelings, other family members etc - it looks at the family situation a baby would be born into. However, you also don’t know what the outcome of a situation will be. E.g. A woman may choose to have an abortion because she has too many children and knows it would affect them. After having an abortion she may become depressed and will be in no better state to look after them.
Kant was a deontological thinker and according to his theory of the Categorical Imperative, one must find a maxim in respect to abortion which they could universalize in order to discover what to do when faced with unwanted pregnancy. He doesn’t tackle this problem but he could have argued that abortion is immoral in all circumstances as he strongly believed that human life was of infinite value and that it should be protected. Furthermore, he also believed that one of the universal laws was ‘do not murder.’ Having an abortion would break this universal law and end a valuable life. However, he might also have argued that all people should have the right to determine what happens to their own body. In this case, a universal maxim might permit abortion on the
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