Is Night Workout Better Than Morning Workout?

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Is Night Workout Better Than Morning Workout? Waking up early every day for work and try to be ready on time with children stuff is kind of a weird but it is a nice rush time. I am not a single mother but I am working as Au pair in California (the US). I get up at 6 am to being ready for the new day and preparing children to drop them off to school and for me to be on time in my classes. I used to make breakfast at 7 o’clock and we should leave home to school at 7:40 am; it sounds like a mother daily life but I am not one, I am just in charge of two awesome boys, 8 and 6 years old whom attend primary and I, who am going to college. I am not a morning person but with time I got into the American way of life in Berkeley. Seeing people carry on the yoga mat, some biking around the city to go to their jobs or schools and others just jogging to be healthy, it show me how sedentary I was, because those people do not have any excuse to exercise as I have it. I was always complaining about that I did not have enough time to go to the gym or practice any sport. After seen that, I began to practice yoga and Zumba and I try to get involve in the fitness environment. Walking around the city I saw the gyms crowded at night most of them with younger people who are busy during the day and afterwards of it I realized that I was taking Zumba class with adults and seniors for more than three months just guessing that they were having an early workout because they are pensioned. Becoming

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