Is No Medical Assistance For Those More Fortunate?

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Imagine being told you may have only one meal a week or that the water you are drinking is contaminated and there is no medical assistance to treat you for the bacteria you just ingested. For many of us, this is not an issue, in fact we probably don’t even think about it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a lack of shelter, food, clean water, and medical care is the norm for many in our world. Be it falling on hard times, war, acts of nature, or simply not enough resources, there are millions of people that go without the basic necessities every day. The question is are we morally obligated to provide for those less fortunate than ourselves if we have the means to do so? I believe the answer to be yes. If we are able, we ought to assist those less fortunate in every way possible because a need for basic items is a global problem that affects us in ways we don’t realize, ignoring the issue and allowing another human, children in particular, to be denied the basics for survival is our moral duty. Across the world, through many people do not have the basics for survival. It is a global issue that continues to get worse on a daily basis. Yet, what can we do about it? Does it affect us? Lenferne discusses this issue at length and compares a multitude of ethical viewpoints, the most prominent argument put forth is one that discusses the ability of those who are more fortunate to spend lavishly yet, it only takes is a few dollars to feed many of the needy. She points
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