Is Now Peasant Go Get Your Chocolaty Goodness?

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Chapter- Now peasant go get my Chocolaty goodness "Finally the world has granted peace and love, to it most demonic creature me!" Speaking with great laughter leaving my dreaded classroom. Sel was laughing her ass off following close behind. Even though the school let us early I had some afterschool Detention with Mrs.Denton. 'Bitch. ' Seli and I were doing are normal rounds around the pathetic place we call a school. We reached the stairwell where we heard loud obnoxious moand. "Sheesh what whores!" Sel whispered to me. I opened my bag making the universal 'I got this ' sigh. I fished through my bag,past paper balls of homework,dusty unused books, and my art binder looking for my torture device. "Aha!" I exclaimed the bring I the…show more content…
"Ouch." I could have sworn that there wasn 't a wall there a minute ago. I deep rumble comes through from my wall. "Luna,luna,Luna, What are we gonna do with you?" Sel 's brother loomed in front of me, his teasing brown eyes and shaking head. "Ughhhhh Gavin move!" I groaned trying to push past his big frame. Sel hit his shoulder. "Wassup you big lug?" She always had an easy relationship with her brother probably to do with the fact that they were some what twins. His faced in mock shock "what I can 't Go see my favorite and only might I add sister?" He sparred me a glance something In his eyes changed. 'And her Be-Bugger Of a friend?" I pulled Sel to my side, my arm around her shoulder. "Have you brought the queen a present in favour? preferably cho-co-late?" pronouncing slowly. "No Amorea, I didn 't bring my sister chocolate. She can get her sorry arse out the school and get it herself." His brown eyes rolling over to Sellia "Pfft I didn 't mean Sel, I ment me. Now peasant go get my Chocolaty goodness!" I swished my hands. Gavin 's hand went into his pockets, his eyes slightly widened. His mouth agape like he wanted to say something. Sels eyes widened in a crazy way, jerking her head towed the stairwell."Luna! We got to go!" I moved around Gavin, Turing toward him and walking backwards with Sel fiddling with her phone to get it off the cord. "Oh shit! Well umm how bout you give it to me later." "gGOD DAMMIT ANIKA! EVERY DAMN

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