Is Nuclear Energy the Energy of the Future?

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Nuclear energy can be seen as the energy hope for the future. The diminishing supply of non-renewable fossil fuels requires the development of a cheap alternative. Could nuclear energy be the answer? It is abundant, low in labour intensity, comparatively clean and able to provide for societies needs for at least 200 years.
Currently, the most common source of energy is made from the combustion of coal. However, Australians are the most polluting people in the world. Greenhouse gas emissions from coal generation in Australia are growing rapidly. ABARE predicts our energy emissions will be more than 60 percent higher over the next 25 years if we continue with “business as usual”. (The age) A carbon tax has been introduced for greenhouse gas reduction and for investment and development in zero and low-emission technologies.
Base load power is the ability to provide energy at all times on all days. A common argument renewable energy technology is that is cannot provide this. This is not an issue for nuclear energy as it is a long process where one reaction could take decades, constantly providing energy that can be slowed down or sped up.
Uranium is a highly unstable radioactive element that is most commonly used in nuclear reactors all over the world. Australia has the highest supply of uranium that any other country in the world. There has been one research nuclear plant since the 1980’s but currently; Australia does not have…
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