Is Nursing A Profession?

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Nursing is a profession that allows you to make a see people at their worst, turn it around, and nurture them become their best. Their main goal is to provide care, comfort, and support to their patients and their loved ones. This job not only changes patient’s lives, but it changes the feel of the community and world around us. Globalization connects with the field of nursing in that it is constantly creating different and better opportunities to mold and strengthen the planet we inhabit. In addition, globalization stems from the idea of exchanging goods and services across vast networks, and nursing interconnects with this phenomenon by exchanging human capital and services with the world at large. I have chosen this topic because nursing is what I am majoring in at Georgia College, and I want to discuss the ways in which nurses demonstrate their care for others as part of a larger scheme of globalization in healthcare. Although nurses comprise a large sector of the global health workforce, the circulation of health professionals is an ever increasing issue. Meeting demanding global health needs while address a recent global health emergency are among the few topics of interest nurses are facing in a world of emerging concerns. According to Johns Hopkins School of Nursing magazine (2010), “a global nurse knows that what happens in one part of the world affects the others.” These international leaders of global health have a hands-on agenda to further expand needs and
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