Is Nursing an Art or Science

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Is Nursing an Art or Science, or Both? NUR 1214 Abstract Nursing is defined and referred to as both an art and a science through theory and research in nursing practice. Although the science of nursing is grounded on the acquirement of knowledge and skills, along with theoretical understanding of nursing, but it is also described as ‘an experience lived between human beings’. Is Nursing an Art or Science, or Both? Introduction The terms science and art are essential for the nursing practice. The two notions of art and science have a certain meaning and their vital attributes help to shed light on the nature of nursing practice. The comprehension of both terms is crucial in order to understand the similarities and…show more content…
The harmony among clinical and research orientation is essential to professional nurses as they dynamically enhance the nursing’s scientific knowledge by way of research. Evidence facilitates advancements in nursing and inhibits the usage of unjustified nursing errors and practices. Finally, evidence-based practice substitutes usage of trial and error and improves development, evaluation, and professional progression. Evidence-based practice is used by professional nurses for the sake of influencing the standard of care and for encouraging a self-directed nursing environment. In nursing, evidence-based practice relates to the preferential usage of interventions for which qualitative and empiric research has rendered evidence of substantial efficacy for certain issues in nursing care. The collection, analysis, and integration of crucial, relevant, and pertinent research-driven, patient-reported, and nurse-observed evidences are promoted by evidence-based practice. Another instance or illustration of evidence-based practice is the systematic study of care theories and their implementation to patients. Hence, these attempts act upon against rationalizing of nursing practice on shaky knowledge—solely on the basis of other nurses’ experience—devoid of scientific evidence on which nursing practice can be established. The Art of Nursing: Perception and the Caring Experience Nursing has been described by its clinical functions’ description as well,
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