Is Obama An Imperial President?

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Is Obama an Imperial President? I. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs) A. Background 1. President Obama: 44th president, elected November 4, 2008, sworn in on January 20, 2009, re-elected 2012; second term ending in 2017 2. Imperial Presidency: one who is uncontrollable, has exceeded constitutional limits B. Importance: imperial president has bad impact on Americans, need to know what to look out for when it comes to other presidents, need to be made known so it can be stopped C. Obama is an imperial president because he has violated the Constitution in many ways, including missing multiple budget deadlines, making appointments while the Congress is not in recess, and changing the Affordable Care Act without permission from Congress.…show more content…
Doing this just for strategy, self-gain, waiting for the conservative House and liberal Senate to pass budget first so can fall in middle C. Obama uncontrollable because breaking law 18 times in presidency, only followed the law twice in presidency, and is only doing for own political gain; repetition of breaking law is example of being uncontrollable, which is second part of imperialism IV. Missing Budget Deadlines: Body paragraph 3 A. He is not only uncontrollable, but he is worse than every other president. President Obama exhibited being uncontrollable and unconstitutional relating to budgets and their deadlines but also has been remarkably worse in comparison to every other president, making him even more dictatoresque. B. Obama is worse than every other president relating to budget 1. Has longest delay of 98 days, next longest is Clinton with 66 2. Has total delay longer than Nixon, who was the single cause of the writing of the book titled The Imperial Presidency 3. Has missed the fiscal year budget deadline more than any other president; three times in one term C. Stats show delays and late submissions worse than other presidents, including ones labeled imperial themselves V. Addressing Opposition: Body Paragraph 4 A. Yes, President Obama has the longest delay, but Michelle D. Christensen points out that the last three transition-year budgets were submitted after the deadline, and more so that these were not offered an extension unlike
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