Is Obamacare Really For The Best Of Its People?

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Angela Qian Professor Young English 103 21 April 2015 Is Obamacare Really for the Best of its People? The American government’s main purpose is to ensure that its citizens’ individual rights are fully protected. However, earning the trust of residents will not always be an effortless task to take on as government have many complicated yet sometimes conflicting rules and policies they need to establish to prevent further conflict from arising. Social programs/policies have been enacted by the government to pull majority of citizens out of economic failure and provide them with a sustainable environment to live in. However, the real question lies in whether or not the government is really doing its best by creating these social programs for its people. Most social programs have not yet obtained the respect of most citizens as they have been proved to be doing society more harm than good. Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise considered as the Obamacare to the public, is one of the most recent social programs that have been created by the current government to provide assistance to people who are in need of healthcare insurance policies, but it unfortunately falls short on many aspects. Although the Obamacare is still accepted by most people in this country, ever since the government brought it into existence, there have been many challenges to it from almost everywhere in current society. The Obamacare is a true depiction of the government’s failure in providing to the people
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