Is Oberlin College Be More Sustainable?

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Oberlin college is ranked as the 4th greenest college in America by which makes sense. It incorporates sustainability into its curriculum, while still maintaining its use of brand new technologies such as solar panels and electric cars. Campuses that are more sustainable seem to have two main characteristics: they are regularly in rural settings, which they use to their advantage by having big farms and creating nature reserves, and they invest in more environmentally friendly technology before other colleges. Most colleges in the United States are endeavoring to become more sustainable, but many are taking the wrong approach to doing so. For example, USC is making efforts towards becoming more sustainable, and while…show more content…
Much of what allows the most sustainable campuses to have their title cannot be applied to many other campuses. Many of these colleges use a variety of techniques to maintain their sustainability, the most common of which is to have a farm on campus. They take advantage of the fact that they have a massive campus, with open land that is cheaper for them to have, and set up a farm on it. They may also use technologies that work in more places, but still not everywhere such as a rainwater collector. While from the onset these may appear like great solutions, they may only be possible in these rural locations, which most colleges don 't have the luxury of accessing. This gives these colleges an enormous advantage, because they don 't have to worry as much about investing in other technologies. They already have these which can help them immensely. If they 're already saving energy thanks to their solar water heater, they don 't need to invest as much in solar panels, because they don 't need the extra energy. Other colleges may not have the location or environment to be able to implement these practices which makes it hard for them to be able to achieve the same level of sustainability. While part of these school’s successes in the realm of sustainability can be attributed to their location, they also take advantage of new technologies they have invested in. Many of these
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