Is Obesity A Dangerous Disease?

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In modern day society, one of the largest issues that the United Stated of America is facing is obesity. The number of obese people is increasing on a yearly basis. This is an extremely problematic issue for multiple reasons. The definition of being obese is being grossly fat, and overweight. This excess of body fat on the human body has numerous amounts of health risks associated with it; the excess body fat makes it harder for your body to function properly, and can prevent you from living a healthy life style. The issue must be broken down into multiple parts in order to fully understand this disease. How is obesity prevalent, what health risks are associated with this wide spread disease, what prevention techniques can be applied, and how do we cure the disease once it has already struck? Once these four concepts are fully understood, it becomes extremely visible as to why this disease is spreading like wild fire across the United States. It is manifest that obesity is a dangerous disease and has become an evolving issue within American society over the last few years. There are numerous factors as to why people become obese in todays modern day society. For example, simply lack of sleep can throw off the body’s hormonal levels of ghrelin and leptin. These hormones make you feel either hungry or full, when a person is sleep deprived the ghrelin levels increase and leptin levels decrease, this makes the person feel hungrier than when they naturally would be while well
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