Is Obesity Predominantly An Individual Problem?. The Rate

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Is obesity predominantly an individual problem? The rate of obesity is increasing globally and is a serious public health issue. It no longer only affects developed countries but is also having implications on developing countries. Often the focus is placed on individual choices and behaviours, this does not take into account the research and evidence that clearly shows that obesity is a multifaceted issue. To improve the level of obesity the broader determinants needs consideration. This essay will identify the key determinants of obesity and discuss the social, environmental, individual and cultural determinants of obesity. Ultimately, it must be realised that obesity is not predominantly an individual problem. Environmental…show more content…
Cultural While the significance of the environmental determinants has been discussed as a determinant in obesity, cultural factors also play a role in the complex issues of obesity. Cultural customs and values vary considerably between countries such as in Tonga where larger women are considered ideal, whereas in Japan women are expected to have a small body frame (Swinburn, et al., 2011). Cultural determinants around smoking can interlink with environmental determinants that can affect unborn children and their inherent risk of obesity. Studies have shown that epigenetics can modify the expression of our genetic material and increase the risk of becoming obese (Rhee, Phelan & McCaffery 2012). Therefor the environment surrounding the foetus and the cultural determinants of obesity can play a role in a child’s in-built risk of being obese and therefore not an individual determent for that child. Individual While Abbade argues that the obesogenic environment is one of the determinants of obesity, he also suggests that a lack of physical activity and large food portions are a factor that contribute to obesity (Abbade, 2014). The study by (Hendry, Coveney, & Cox 2011) explored the relationship between health behaviours, the family environment and obesity. 157 families with children between the

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