Is Object Oriented Programming?

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Object Oriented Programming Jacob Webster What is Object Oriented Programming? Object oriented programming, also known as OOP, is one of the main programming paradigms. Programming paradigm means, a style or a “way” of programming. OOP allows the computer to view its program as a combination of objects, objects is real life object on which has characteristics, which can be exchange information in a reduced manner . This means that it’s able to combine with other classes with each other; this is done through the parent class because it can store the same attributes and methods. A class can also execute independently and can be changed without affecting other classes; it can also connect with other classes on which are under the same…show more content…
“As a developer and college professor, I often get asked the following question: “If I want to develop mobile apps, how important is it that I learn object-oriented programming?” My initial response to this query is very straightforward: If you want to program just about anything these days, you’d better learn object-oriented programming.”- Matt Weisfeld, April 15 2013 . OOP is becoming more recognisable to this day and it’s becoming more important as the years go on. Examples on where OO is being used: to code the operating system for the four most known types. iOS, objective-c; android, Java; windows phone, .NET(C#, visual basic) and blackberry, Java. OOP is also being used to create mobile apps. Strength of Object Oriented Programming? The strengths of OOP are: • OOP makes it easy for the coder to maintain and modify, as the existing code is already there and all you need to do is to add new objects or a new class with small differences due to the parent class. • OOP provides a good framework for code libraries, this means the programmer is able to change the code easily, therefore this is useful for developing GUI’s • OOP shows a clear structure for programs which makes it good for defining abstract data types. • OOP also hides the data from the user, encapsulation, this is good because it can hide Important data away from the outside world and therefore they can’t copy there code. Negatives of Object Oriented Programming? The negatives OOP are: • OOP
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