Is One Crime Holier Than Another?

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Should any crime be justified? A reader should have their answer in mind when analyzing the two crimes of Brutus, in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, and Antigone, in Antigone by Sophocles. These two crimes are different in many ways but they both had good intentions behind their actions. As the reader, there will be a personal opinion formed about which crime is holier. Antigone is truly justified in her actions and her crime is holier than Brutus’s, even though he had good intentions. Brutus was a very loyal man. However, that could have been perceived as his major flaw. His friend, Cassius, turned out to manipulate Brutus in becoming a conspirator by pretending to be worried civilians. Cassius and the other conspirators plan was to kill Caesar, who was going to be crowned as the leader of Rome. The letters troubled Brutus when he read, “Speak, strike, redress!” (Shakespeare 1.2.55) and his loyalty to Rome and its people was shown when he agreed to be a part of the plan. He thought killing Caesar would be protecting the good of the people. Even though he had good intentions behind joining the conspirators and killing Caesar, this was not the right way to get the result he wanted.

Caesar did not commit any crime or give Brutus and the conspirators a reason to worry that he would be of harm to the Roman people therefore; he should not have been killed. Brutus’s crime is not considered to be a justified crime…
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