Is Online Education Better Than A Classroom Education?

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Is Online Education Better Than a Classroom Education? The 21st century is moving at a much faster pace than the 20th century and human evolution in that time span was astounding when you consider what was accomplished. The century started off with many households still without basic indoor plumbing and the horse driven carriage as a viable means of transportation. By the end of the 20th century we saw the rise and fall of communism the birth of manned space exploration as well as the harnessing of the Atom. These great leaps forward in technology have given birth to an age of information and information is a form of power, when Lenin came to power in 1917 he said, “The power was in the streets and all we had to do was to pick it up,”! Today, the power is online, where all we need do is to plug in; this paper will demonstrate why online education is better than the traditional classroom, by giving you a brief history as well as a list of benefits for going online. This paper will demonstrate that online education is better than a classroom education, it will also explain how online education began and why it is more empowering than a classroom education. The history could begin with the birth of the internet in the year 1969, however I think the more telling development happened in the year 1971 with a book written by a man named Ivan Illich called Deschooling Society. The book was a revolutionary treatise on the way in which society educates its people. Illich hit upon the
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