Is Online Education Better Than Traditional Education?

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Why Online Education is better than Traditional Education Online education has become a huge part in millions of student and teachers lives. It has raised tremendously in the past 10 years. More and more students are shifting from traditional classes to online. Many schools are also moving to online classes as well. It is important for students to see all the many benefits that online education has to offer. Online education is better than traditional education because it is convenient and flexible, there’s self-paced learning, and there is more interaction and a better ability to concentrate. Online education is convenient and flexible enough for any schedule. A student’s online classes are accessible at any time of day. With the click of a button, all the course material is right at the student’s fingertips. The accessibility of online classes is as easy as a click of a button 24/7; a student can access all class information from their computer (Li and Irby 1). With most online classes, you don’t have to travel anywhere for the class. “Second, online programs are convenient for those students who live in crowded cities since travel back and forth to campus is no longer necessary” (Li and Irby 1). Online Education makes it possible for anyone who doesn’t have a vehicle to attend school. These classes don’t require any type of travel, since it is all done from a computer at home. As stated by Allen and Seaman, a student attending classes online has the same accessibility to
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