Essay on Is Online Instruction an Efficient Form of Education?

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In the last twenty years, internet has become the driving force for the development of our society. It significantly changed our life in many ways, such as online education. In 2002, more than 1.6 million college students took online courses and unsurprisingly, this number almost tripled in 2008 (Allen and Seaman, 2010). Queen and Lewis found (2011), “74% of school districts with distance education programs planned to expand online offerings over the next 3 years.” However, although many students and instructors are using online education, the debate about the efficiency of online instruction comparing with that by traditional mode still going on as online education does not achieved universal acceptance. Thus, it is necessary to examine…show more content…
Thus, the main flaw of using an online instruction is students and teachers have limited interactions and communications. As a result, it is necessary for teachers and course developers to construct a community and to help everyone to participate in the course, in order to overcome this main flaw of virtual learning and improve its efficiency. On the other hand, one of the main advantages of online instruction is that it does not have the limitation of space and time. It is very convenient for students and teachers to take virtual classes and access to the course material in anywhere and at any time if an electrical device connecting to the internet is provided. Hence, students are able to learn at their home, on streets and even during vacation. Furthermore, non-traditional students, such as someone who already had a job and thus cannot attend to class, will benefit from online learning as they can study and learn without going to school. In addition, Perry and Pilati mentioned (2011) online instruction provides students a chance of more independent learning as they can use their own speed of learning depending on how quickly they receiving knowledge and the availability of their time. This would help students to learn more effectively as different students have different situations. Another

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