Is Oppositional Defiant Disorder Or Odd?

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder or ODD is a very common disorder. According to the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry ODD is the “top leading causes of referrals to the youth mental health services” (The American Journal of Psychiatry, 1993). Although this disorder is very common it often goes untreated due to factors that will be later covered. When a person has ODD they are often very irritable, argumentative, and defiant. While ODD could seem like it is just a phase that a person is going through it can be more serious than that. ODD can lead to many problems in a person’s life, for example being able to have a healthy relationship with family members, keeping a job, or even graduating from school. ODD does not just effect the…show more content…
If ODD was not treated properly in childhood it will most likely follow them into their adolescent life. When the adolescent is in school and becomes defiant and argumentative people might think that it is a phase that the person is going through even though it is not. This could cause serious problems in the person’s education and their home life, and then so on into their adult life. Also ODD is also often viewed as a mild variation of a conduct disorder (Essau, 2003). The only differences between the two is that CD and ODD have different diagnostic requirements when they are compared. Although the only difference between the two is that CD is a more extreme than ODD. A client with ODD is often most times very out of control when getting orders from authority figures. This is why ODD is a major problem when it comes to being prevalent in adolescents. When ODD is present it is often times very hard for the parent to control the child. The child will often times be very out of control and not listen to the orders that the parent of authority figure is giving them. ODD can become a major problem if not treated correctly. SYMPTIOMS OF ODD ODD has many symptoms, that come with this disorder many of which are life altering and problematic. ODD has a total of eight symptoms the first would be that the person often loses their temper this would most likely
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