Is Our Food Safe?

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Is Our Food Safe?
Are we growing our food or are we developing our food? As a matter of fact, it’s a little bit of both. We are growing food that has been genetically modified in a lab to grow stronger and more plentiful. Since the introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO’s, there has been lots of controversy on whether or not they should be allowed to be in the food system.
What are GMO’s
GMO’s is short for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO Facts 2015). They can be plants, animals, or (most-commonly) micro-organisms (GMO Facts 2015). The GMO was patented in 1980 by a 5-4 supreme court ruling, the GMO was introduced in 1994 when it finally hit the Grocery stores, however, the FDA approved of the patent 12 years earlier (GMO Timeline 2012). They are usually made and fabricated in a laboratory (GMO Facts 2015). Most of them don’t even get to live because they decompose so fast so they don’t have a chance to grow and spread. Their genes have been altered to change the characteristics in some way or another (GMO Facts 2015). This may or may not be a very good way of producing foods. However, GMO’s are usually insect, virus, and herbicide resistant (Environmental Impact 2015). This makes it beneficial because they don’t get eaten by the pests or put viruses into the plants or animals.
Benefits of GMO’s
What do they do to the food? Well GMO’s make the food have better textures, flavors, and nutrition values (Benefits of GM Food 2015). The better texture and flavors…
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