Is Overweight An Unhealthy Lifestyle?

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We live in a world where horrible things happen to people like they get diagnosed with cancer, but that not the worst of it. The most tragic thing that can happen to any person is when they become obese that when everything changes. Is being obese an unhealthy lifestyle could there be dangerous reprehensions and how do people become obese? Imagine for a moment that you are obese, you might think nothing is wrong, but that not the case at all things only goes downhill from there. You start to lose focus on who you are and start a totally different life overnight. You start wearing different clothes, then you’re eating habitats change it becomes bad you start eating for six people and you don’t notice the change at first. Then all of your old clothes doesn’t fit you anymore and you have no idea because you don’t get it. Then you have to resort to drastic measures you have to buy your clothes in larger sizes which mean you have to spend more of your hard earn money. People also start to notice your change in appearance, they start to gossip how big you got and say hurtful things about you. People will then start to alienate excluded you from party’s or going with them to the mall, try on new clothes because they feel none of them would fit you. Then your so called friends will leave and start making funny of you because of your new appearance. Even your own family won’t be so loving anymore they will be just as mean to you as your friends are to you. Your family will then try
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