Is Parental Involvement Does Not Be High On The Individual

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On the surface, although parental involvement does not seem to be high on the list of Green’s book, Practicing the Art of Leadership, for the purpose of long-term achievement, the recommendations have a purpose. That is- that the leaders should build trust so that individuals …pursue the goals that have been developed around a shared goal (p. 58). Our goal when implementing this plan is to raise not only achievement scores of our ELL learners, but to improve students’ growth and attainment of the language in the long run. Since both of those weaknesses affect the same population of students, we will seek to address both of those needs. Another issue is that is new to campus specifically is the lack of trained personnel who are able to effectively reach a diverse population. Because of the lack of training, there is interpersonal conflict. There are teachers who are in direct conflict with newer staff members. The expectations of both teacher groups are different, and neither group seems to be able to work as one. There seems to be strong desire for autonomy. In other words, one group of teachers is so committed to the way the school has been run, that there is no room for autonomy (Green, 2013). As such, the organizational structure is not able to accommodate the newcomers. This is significant because according to Green, the leadership team should be concentrating on “building cohesive and goal-oriented teams …that work together to accomplish objectives that fulfil the
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