Is Partner Violence A Serious Social Problem? Essay

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The purpose of this book was to examine thirty-nine women whom survived abuse, leaving their abusive partner. The book shares the women’s stories of their years of suffering and pain and their efforts to escape to better their life for their dependent children and themselves. Sev’er’s research covers multiple types of abuse the women faced including physical, sexual, economic, spiritual, or psychological abuse. Additionally, the women share their children’s witnessing the abuse and discuss how the abuse has effected their turn out. Sev’er explains the women’s general strategies for coping with the violence some were negative coping mechanisms and some positive coping strategies. Furthermore, Sev’er describes the positive and negative types of social support system the women experienced prior the abuse and the results of the isolation tactic used by the abuser. It’s important to study because partner violence is a serious social problem. It has significant negative impacts on the individual and any children witnessing the violence. It is important to bring to light the about the stories of women who survived. Sev’er’s main research finding from the type of abuse is that psychological abuse hurt the women’s sense of self through their partner constant put-downs and criticisms. The abusers ability to manipulate the women reflects their ability to gain power and control. The abuser degrades their victim to show they are superior to them. In some cases the abusers were

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