Is Photography A Game Of Inventing Meanings

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John Berger once said, “One can play a game of inventing meanings.” He was conveying the idea that when one person interprets a photograph to have a particular meaning, the same picture might have a varying level of significance to another person. In our culture today photographs take on many roles, both traditional and new. They are used to tell a story and are a port into a particular moment. Photography allows us to see past initial perceptions and make connections to our everyday lives. All photography is subjective to different views and therefore contains a set of diverse meanings. In recent years photography has taken on a more significant role compared to past generations; it can be used to express these diverse views, and connect people from all different cultures and backgrounds. We take pictures of many distinct and sometimes trivial moments that have a powerful meaning to us, and that meaning can now be shared with the world. ¨ And in life, meaning is not instantaneous. Meaning is discovered in what connects, and cannot exist without development¨(Berger). Photography is all about connections. The picture is captured, and then shared with others, the meaning behind it may not be apparent right away, but gradually it comes to light the longer the image is studied and developed. Today we take photographs to connect us with specific people in specific places at specific times. When we first view a photograph we have an initial reaction and the picture will have a
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