Is Physical Punishment For Women?

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There was physical punishment when women would appear in public without her stola, she was treated as an adulteress in public, putting her to shame (Mcginn 118). Women who are not prostitutes cannot wear certain things, they are not allowed to leave the house, they receive little to no freedom because of men’s fear that their woman will then become a prostitute if she is left unattended at home. Although many believe prostitutes were only female, this is not true, there were many male prostitutes only they were known as “concubines” in ancient Rome. Concubines are people who engage in ongoing sexual relationships with people who they are not married to or can’t be with. The relationship was usually an adult male with a boy, it was…show more content…
The male children were prostitutes who would get gifts in return for sex. The courtship was one of the only ways they were able to network, which was needed if one of them wanted to get involved politically or professionally in Rome. It should be taken into consideration that this wasn 't the case everywhere. In Athens the father would attempt to protect his sons from such advances from adult males. Female prostitutes had economical power by providing Rome with money through the tax on their industry, which made Rome boom through the prostitution business. They also were able to financially support themselves, and do as they pleased as long as they were hidden from the public eye. The economic power was based on the financial stability they had, there were as we saw some high end prostitutes. They charged a large amount of money and would receive 1/4 of the money of their patron after their death. They also had ideological power which was seen through the different laws passed to limit the amount of freedom regular women had. Some of these laws were passed to control their dress code, they could not be out in public without their stola, but they were also not allowed to wear togas. Whether they liked it or not they were stuck with their husband, and were under his rule. The women were also not able to cheat because if they did, they would be publicly shamed and physically punished. Males were so afraid to lose their control that they went to the
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