Is Physician Assisted Suicide A Good Idea?

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Is Physician-Assisted Suicide a Good Idea?
Imagine having a relative with a terminal illness; perhaps this person feels that his only option is assisted-suicide. Now, put yourself into his shoes. Would you choose to live the rest of your days in pain, or would you choose to die with a sense of dignity? Physician-assisted suicide has been prohibited for many years. Numerous physicians have given their input on the subject, enlightening a multitude of people on the fundamentals of assisted-suicide. Others have stated their opinions on the topic and the way that it violates many people’s moral judgement. Although opposing viewpoints argue that physician assisted suicide is not a beneficial treatment for medical patients, the medicalization of
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The decision to end the patient’s life through assisted-suicide is a decision “central to personal dignity and autonomy”
(Hallock 1). This decision helps the patient to accept the dying process, knowing that it is not out of his or her hands. The conclusion of going through with the medicalization of the patient’s suicide could help he or she to avoid becoming “vulnerable to suggestions from family members that they could make everyone 's life easier by ending their own” (“Death” 2) in a more forceful way than perhaps a lethal injection in a hospital.
Assisted-suicide is an over-dramatic expression for patient autonomy. Patient autonomy is defined as an “individual’s right to decide what to do with his or her own body, and the duty of the physician to relieve the patient’s suffering” (Rogatz 1). A patient should certainly have the right to choose what happens to his or her own body, but the life of a patient should not be put solely into the hands of a doctor. If he or she so chooses, physician-assisted suicide should be made available to the terminally ill and should be conceived as a “personal and intimate decision”. A physician, although it should be their obligation to help a patient, should not feel obligated to be the assistant in a person’s suicide. Assisted suicide is a source of “empowerment” for the patients, using “self-determination”, to make them feel as if they have a place in their treatment and to retain their dignity by
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