Is Plato 's The Republic?

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Throughout the history of the world, many pieces of literature have been written in which many messages can be extracted to help an individual understand themselves, as well as the world around them. Some of the most common examples of these texts are religious texts. According to Steven Ward, when discussing some of the most important religious texts in history, “...many of which had a major influence on the future course of history and many of which continue to shape the lives of millions of people worldwide.” The ways in which these texts influenced people in the past, as well as continue to influence people, are through the messages which they portray. Although religious tet are well known for their life altering messages, other texts can also have similar influences on people. One such text is Plato’s The Republic. As said by Professor Jon Dorbolo of Oregon State University, “The Republic is considered by many to be Plato 's masterwork. It certainly is one of the most important texts of political theory.” While reading this text, several different messages begin to reveal themselves throughout the text. Some of the most important ideas that can be found within Plato’s Republic, include, humans are inherently good, people should perform tasks that they are good at, and his definition of justice. A multitude of messages can be withdrawn through a reading of Plato’s Republic, one of which is his idea that humans are inherently good. While discussing recent developments in…
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