Is Playing Of The Rain A Safe Option?

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Is Playing in the Rain a Safe Option? Everywhere around the world trees have stopped growing with no leaves on them, fish have died out of the blue, and humans are starting to have unexpected lung issues. Have we ever thought where this might be coming from? Acid rain is a type of rain contaminated with acidic chemicals that is caused mainly by the burning of coal and other fossil fuels. Acid rain did not gain that much attention until it started becoming known in 1960. When doing more research, the scientists started figuring out what was happening concerning the acid rain (“Acid Rain: Do You Need”). Although, acid rain does not earn the attention it deserves, it is a harmful environmental issue that is detrimental to bodies of water,…show more content…
The wet deposition removes a lot of the acid from the universe and puts it back into the earth in a harsher form. Conversely, dry deposition is defined as the movement of the chemicals placing them into dry places like, soil and trees. When the acidic chemicals are blowing into the dry weather, they create dust and smoke and fall into the ground through microscopic dry particles (“What is Acid Rain”). The two forms of acid rain; wet deposition and dry deposition, are harmful to the environment and needs to be addressed immediately. As claimed by the National Geographic which has been around for over 100 years and has some of the world 's best researchers, scientists, and photographers working for them, acid rain is created from different chemicals that are put in the air unnaturally. Acid rain is any precipitation including snow and fog, that has high levels of nitric and sulfuric acid. When acid rain falls from the sky, it continues causing more and more damage around the world (“Effects Felt”). Scientists have proven that acid rain has been said to have a pH of 4.3 while pure water has a pH of 7. Meaning that acid rain has around the same acidity as orange juice and vinegar. This is extremely destructive to the environment. It is basically the same as pouring vinegar and orange juice all over the plants and lakes. Acid rain is an aberrant
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